Premium Minireactors

Compact Premium Minireactors for liquid phase synthesis, programmable, equipped with mechanical stirring and heating system. Ideal for research and education applications.

Premium Minireactor HME-R
  • Aluminum heating block for quick and homogeneous heating, with slot for visibility of the inner.
  • Heating plate from + 30 ° C to 250 ° C with Pt100 probe.
  • Reaction vessel from 50 ml up to 2 L.
  • Easy access to the inside: clamp with quick release closure made of stainless steel. No tools necessary.
  • USB port to export the experiment data.
  • Autotunning function to avoid temperature inertia in the experiment.
  • Color touch screen
Premium Minireactor MR
  • Jacketed reaction vessels from 50ml up to 2 L.
  • Temperature control by external equipment (heating or cooling).
  • Setting speed and stirring time.
  • PTFE Outlet valve with no dead space.
  • Safety drip tray for accidental spills
  • Machanical stirring:
    • Stirrer bearing with quick coupling to motor drive.
    • Maintains speed when load or viscosity changes.
  • Glass reactor lid with 5 necks, customizable under request.
  • SIL/FEP O-ring seal with PTFE centering ring, avoiding the use of grease
  • Inert material resistant to chemicals in contact with reaction (borosilicate glass 3.3, PTFE, stirring shaft made of Hastelloy®)
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