Design and manufacturing of custom made pieces in Borosilicate Glass 3.3

We are highly specialized in the design and manufacture of custom made pieces using borosilicate glass 3.3, being leaders in our sector. Our blowers and technicians, with above 40 years of experience in some cases, have designed and manufactured thousands of all kinds of bespoken pieces.

We excel in the manufacture of large volume jacketed reactors, up to 100 liters capacity. Nevertheless, we are also highly experienced in manufacturing high precision small parts and / or volumetric parts.

In the case of complete reaction systems, we deliver them as turn-key installations (fully operational), with all necessary components and equipment also included (stirring motor, recirculating thermal bath, reactor, reactor lid, stirring bearing, stirring rod, supporting structure, clamps for flanges).

Aside from laboratory applications, we also manufacture high quality glass and specifications for other industries, such as:
  • Glass tubbing for pyramid gas stoves
  • Glass pieces for cooking and kitchenware for fine restaurants.
  • Decorative pieces as gifts for special events
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