• 1942


    Foundation of the Afora Company in the city of Barcelona for the manufacturing and sale of scientific glassware.

  • 1944


    Creation of the Volumetric Calibration Laboratory.

  • 1947


    Publication of the first catalogue.

  • 1952


    Extension of the range to other products. Afora becomes a global supplier for laboratories.

  • 1973


    The company is acquired by Corning Ltd., owner of such well-known brands as Pyrex or Sterilin. Afora becomes its exclusive distributor for Spain.

  • 1974


    Relocation of the factory and warehouses to the new building (1300 m2) in L'Ametlla del Vallès (Barcelona).

  • 1984


    The company becomes member of the J. Bibby & Sons PLC group.

  • 2021


    The Volumetric Calibration Laboratory gets the "ENAC" accreditation for the calibration of volumetric pieces in Glass. (First laboratory of this type accredited in Spain).

  • 2008


    The ThermoFisher group acquires Afora in 2008 year.

  • 2011


    The Boroglass company is founded as a Scientific Glass Factory in the city of Sentmenat (Barcelona).

  • 2017


    Agreement between Boroglass and Thermo Fisher for the acquisition of Afora.

  • 2019


    Afora and Boroglass merge, keeping Afora as a Trademark and Company name.

  • Mission

    Design, manufacture and supply scientific glassware and reaction systems of the highest quality to ease development of researchers work and add value to our distributors.

  • Vision


    To be a well-recognized company by its clients, collaborators and suppliers for its professionalism and company values.

    Our staff, constantly evolving through training, always seek to improve the quality of their work.

    Ability to understand changing markets, quickly reacting to provide the best service continuously.

    Our business target: to become the most important glassblowing factory in southern Europe.


Currently, the company, as well as its manufacturing premises, is located in Sentmenat (Barcelona) and has fully revamped facilities of more than 1,000 m2, of which 600 m2 are dedicated to manufacturing purposes. In these same facilities, within and independent area, we count on our Volumetric Calibration Laboratory.

Our company’s facilities have all machining means and auxiliary services needed to complete our expertise acquired through experience to meet all scientific glass needs demanded by researchers and laboratory technicians. Our experienced and well trained staff in blowing and accessory works, grant quality and good service to our customers and end users. Currently, AFORA, S.A. gathers a staff of 15 people.

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